S.A.R.A. (Sexual Assault & Rape Awareness) is an on-campus, student-led prevention campaign that promotes healthy, consensual sexual activity and educates the campus community to be an active bystander and stand up against rape culture. Founded by MSW student Lauren Gaudet in 2011, S.A.R.A. has been continually growing to promote safe consensual activity on campus by her successors.

Sexual assault affects everyone, and to show this presence in campus shows that this university cares about the well-being of their students, staff, and faculty, and wishes to seek change.

If you have experienced sexual assault or any other form of sexual misconduct, have received a disclosure of sexual misconduct, witnessed sexual misconduct or are supporting someone who has experienced sexual misconduct, you can seek individualized information, advice and assistance through the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office.


SARA is operated with the following values:

AWARENESS Raise awareness of sexual assault and it’s myths by being an active voice against campus rape culture
EDUCATION Collaborate with the university to educate students, staff, and faculty of preventative measures and proactive steps
SUPPORT Provide a safe presence within the campus community for those affected by SA to come forward and seek appropriate action as well as providing healing measures
ADVOCACY Advocate for the student body on sexual assault related protocols and sexual health related projects on campus

Trigger Warning: This website contains information about sexual assault and/or violence, including blog posts with testimonies that may be graphic or triggering to survivors.